how to go with the flow

There are two aspects involved in being able to go with the flow of life.

Firstly in order to go with the flow we must be able to detect the flow itself. Do we have the refined perception and subtle clarity of awareness to be able to recognise which direction life is going? If we are not able to see which way the current of life is flowing we may end up taking a wrong turn – this is usually experienced in life as mistakes, friction and suffering.

The second aspect of being able to follow the current of life with ease is having the ability to let go. What are we letting go of? Ultimately we must let go of control. If we try and control all the timings and possible outcomes of the way life is playing out it is rather like trying to swim upstream in the river  – anyone who has tried this knows how draining and bruising that can be. Instead, we want to be able to trust the organizing power of nature and jump in and enjoy the twists and turns of the river of life.

Meditation is a key tool to develop both these skills in order to live a more frictionless life.

When we meditate we rest the mind and body to very deep levels (much deeper than sleep). When the body rests it naturally and spontaneously releases stress and fatigue that have been clouding our perception and dulling our nervous system. When we remove the foggy effect of these impurities we are free to enjoy clearer and more reliable perceptual awareness. As a result we are able to detect what it is that nature is up to and we can get a truer sense of which way change is flowing in our life.

Meditation teaches us to let go. We learn how to settle the awareness down to levels that are deeper and more quiet. This takes us beyond the surface layers of life that we are so familiar with and we are relieved of the effort of having to control and make something happen. Correct meditation is very liberating because it gives us regular moments in our day to let go of our agenda and begin to witness and surrender to something deeper and more profound – a level of consciousness that is at the basis of who we are. When we have contact with this least excited state of our awareness we are able to connect with our true essence.

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