be the queen of serene

Wedding fever is growing in the UK – just the other day I was reading an article about how William and Kate have been recommended to take up a daily meditation practice. With all the stress and demands of the big day looming it makes sense! On that note, here is an article on how to be the queen of serene that I contributed to for the current issue of You and Your Wedding.

Seems like you can’t flip through a magazine without some glossy celeb (Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts) raving about the benefits of meditation. It got us wondering – are they on to something?

“Preparing for a wedding is up there with some of life’s biggest stresses, and you need to tap into your reservoir of balance,” says Jillian Lavender, director of the London Meditation Centre ( “Meditation can turn the volume down and calm the mind and body quickly.”

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