confusion tells us something

As humans we are blessed with the ability to choose. It is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom – we are able to engage a sense of freewill in order to decide what to do. Will I have pasta for lunch or maybe a light sandwich and then something more substantial later on? For our doggie friend it is much more simple – if the instincts say that he’s hungry that means eat whatever is available… NOW.

However at times it may seem that this differentiator is more of a burden than a gift. How do we know what to do? So many options, so many possible ways to act. How do we find clarity in the midst of all the frantic buzz of life? Of course we all want to know what is the right thing to do. It’s natural to desire clarity and a sense of resolution  – especially when making big decisions. To be resolved about a decision, sure and clear about how best to act in a given moment – this is one of the goals of life. Spontaneous right action is what we all want because then we are in tune with the evolutionary flow of life. Everything feels smooth and easy when we are in sync with the natural progression of the universe.

We all know how rough it feels to be in the opposite space – indecision, ambiguity and lack of clarity are very uncomfortable. Naturally we don’t enjoy being in that position for very long. If we do end up making decisions in that confused state (and we’ve all done it at some point in time), then the results don’t tend to be very satisfying or successful. We are many times more likely to make mistakes when we are unsure.

When we are confused it generally means one or all of the following:

• we are too agitated and wound up to see what to do
• we are out of balance physically and emotionally due to some blockages or impurities and this obstructs our ability to perceive clearly where true charm lies
• we’ve become attached to some expectation of how things should be and that is preventing us from looking in a different direction
• some stagnation or over-maintaining has crept in and this is leading to some dullness and lethargy

However nothing bad is going on. As always, nature is up to something. Rather than seeing it as a negative, we can recognise that nature is giving us a signal. It’s as if the universe is saying: “You need to settle down and get more information. Now is not the time to make a big decision.”

So we don’t need to feel bad about feeling unsure. That doesn’t mean we want to hang out in that state for long. Think of it as more of a transition phase – nature is simply putting on the brakes, getting you to slow down and tune in. More information is needed, that’s all. And that information will not come to us when we are all caught up in the antics of the over-thinking mind. We cannot think our way to that inner place of knowingness. Just as when the lake is all stirred up and choppy on the surface it is hard to see the bottom, in the same way when the surface layers of the mind are all wound up it is difficult to access the state of deep knowingness that will lead us, intuitively, in the direction of right action.

Here are my Top Tips for moving more quickly through the fogginess of confusion:

1. Build in some quiet time at the beginning and end of your day to connect with a more subtle layer of creative intelligence. The best way to do this is to meditate, however if you haven’t yet learned then simply take a few minutes to be quiet and still.
2. Get moving – exercise is a great way to shift stagnant energy in the body.
3. Limit sugar and processed white flour as they drain energy from the body and clog up our system.
4. Sip hot water throughout the day to remove toxins.
5. Treat yourself to some energy or body work to strengthen the integration between mind and body.
6. Step into the unknown by introducing ‘newness’ into your week – maybe it’s as simple as finding a new route to walk to work or a new cafe to visit.
7. And always remember your sense of humour – it’s all fine!

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