out with the old

Here in London the magnolias are bursting, the blossoms are out and the days are getting longer. Spring has sprung and that means nature is shifting to make way for a fresh round of growth – creation is on the up.

Traditionally this is the time when nature begins to spring clean. At this time of the year we don’t have to look far to see that nature is very busy clearing out that which is no longer needed, to make way for a new cycle of growth. In the same way, this is the perfect time for us to make way for newness and freshness in our own lives by clearing out that which is no longer serving us. Out with the old. In with the new.

The mechanics of this are very simple and extremely powerful. When we create some space then we make room for creation, innovation, growth, progression, upgrade.  When we remove that which is no longer serving us we make room – we create the room for space to be experienced. In the ancient language of Sanskrit we call this subtle space aspect, Aakasha.

Aakasha is the sound that is expressive of the space element in nature. You will often hear people refer to space as ether, however that doesn’t really capture the essence of what space is. In it’s purest form it is the closest we can get to consciousness itself. It is the most subtle aspect of creation and within it it holds the power for us to create in our own lives. It connects us to everything because it is the basis of everything. Space is that which remains when all the structures fall away. It is the ultimate connector to the creative intelligence at the basis of life.

When space is freed up, nature is going to rush in and fill the gap. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when we clear out the old we pave the way for something more evolutionary. The most effective way to free up space is to turn your attention to those aspects of your life that are no longer relevant.

Here are some tell tale signs of those things that are past their “use by date”:
– they bring some friction to our life
– we keep tripping over them (literally and figuratively!)
– they annoy us
– we no longer use them
– they do not bring us a feeling of peace when we look at them or consider them
– they slow us down

You get the picture. They may be things – old clothes, old pictures, old emails, old appliances…
Or they may be old habits and behaviours – the look you give your partner when they do something you judge to be unreasonable, the ignoring the alarm clock so you sleep in and start your day in a flap, the habit of rushing in and finishing other peoples sentences…
They may even be old thoughts that you are investing in over and over – “I wish I hadn’t said that”, “I wish I had more of abc”, “I wish I wasn’t xyz”, ” I wish she would stop doing that”…

The laws of nature are particularly lively with spring cleaning at this time of the year and so it makes it a very supportive time to be out with the old and in with the new. Start today – pick one thing and let it go. Immediately you will feel lighter, fresher and more ready to enjoy the flowers!

PS: Speaking of flowers, one of my dear students sent me this beautiful video of what nature is up to right now. Each flower is filmed for two days and photos are collated within seven minutes to get the effect. Enjoy!

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