anxiety part 2 – lack of knowledge of who we are

Recently I wrote a piece about anxiety and the deeper connection to the base emotion of fear. If you would like to go back and read the full article, click here.

In that article I wrote the following:

Fear is borne of a lack of knowledge.
When we lack knowledge we become fearful.

The lack of knowledge is on many levels:

– lack of knowledge of who we really are
– lack of knowledge of what the Laws of Nature are up to
– lack of knowledge of our innate capabilities to respond to demands in the most appropriate way

In this post I’d like to look at what it means to lack knowledge of who we really are.

Who are we – really?

This is not a new question. Many thousands of years ago, humans were investigating what it means to be human and what it means to exist. The knowledge they discovered is referred to as the Veda. Veda means pure knowledge.

Unlike Western scientific discovery that uses formal processes of observation, experimentation and measurement, the Veda was directly cognised by enlightened men and women, within the depths of their own awareness. Their laboratory was their own mind and their research process involved diving deep into the subjective realms of their own awareness. Their tools of experimentation were powerful techniques of consciousness – the most powerful of these being meditation.

What they discovered was the essence of life itself. They had the refined apparatus of very pure nervous systems to be able to experience the subtlest layers of creation. By settling down to the deepest levels of consciousness they were able to perceive how the fundamental laws of nature operate. This is the Veda – knowledge of how the laws of nature function at every layer of creation. When we understand the laws of nature that are at work in our world we are able to align ourselves with these laws and enjoy a more frictionless flow. We enjoy the support of nature rather than struggling and violating life itself.

The ancient seers or Rishis were able to cognise the most fundamental truth of life that lies at the subatomic level – the essential unity of life. They discovered that all the laws of nature come out of one, underlying field. Quite simply, all the laws of nature and all manifestations of life come from one underlying field of creative energy and intelligence. There are many names for this field: Being, the Absolute, Samadhi, pure consciousness, the unified field, pure awareness, transcendental consciousness, the Self, the Divine…

• What does this mean for us?

Essentially there is one thing that manifests as every form and phenomena in the universe.
The essence of everything in the universe is Being.
Being is omnipresent – contained in all form and phenomena, everywhere, at all times.
Therefore everything is Being or pure consciousness at its source.
Everything and everyone are connected by this common aspect of consciousness.
Consciousness unifies everything and everyone.

• So what?

In our least excited state we are all connected.
At our source we are all made of the same stuff – Being.
When we know how to de-excite and dive within we experience Being.
Through regular direct experience, we are able to remove the blockages of stress and fatigue and thus stabilise this experience of Being.

• What does this have to do with fear?

When we have removed the obstructions to experiencing our greater Self, we experience there is no such thing as other.
When we learn we are all connected, we know there is no such thing as other.
If there is no such thing as other, it is not possible to be afraid – it is all one.
I am Being. You are Being. The environment is Being.
Being is a field of energy and creative intelligence that binds us all.
Rather than feeling alone, I recognise I am all-one.
Fear begins to fall away.

The Veda sums it up in this way:

I Am That, Thou Art That, All This is Nothing but That

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