you are not alone

We live in an age dominated by fear.

Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of those who look different. Fear of those who think differently. Fear of those who have another name for God.


Because most people have lost the connection to who they really are. They have forgotten that at their essence they are not separate, individual or alone.

At your essence you are connected, unified and all one. At your essence you are pure awareness – whole, blissful and infinite.

What has broken this connection? How has the memory of wholeness been disrupted?

Stress and tiredness have accumulated and they act as obstructions to who you actually are. These obstructions have a masking effect, blocking the natural connection to your essence.

And so the search for stability, connection and safety goes on and on and on. Perhaps this person will provide me with lasting bliss? Maybe this job will give me stability? Perhaps this money will make me feel safe? Maybe this food will make me happy?

It becomes an exhausting and fruitless search for non-change within a world of the ever-changing.

And then we learn to meditate. We begin to re-awaken the connection between our individuality and our universality. The wave settles down on the ocean. We begin to experience the wave as ocean. More and more we experience the pure consciousness that is at our core. An oasis of bliss. A field of pure potentiality. A reservoir of energy and knowingness.

Then the fear begins to subside.
Friendliness, kindness and happiness grow.

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