moving closer to source

As you move closer to the source of light, it becomes stronger.

As you move closer to the source of a thought, it becomes more powerful.

What is the source of a thought?

Thoughts are a product of consciousness. When we are conscious we think. Without consciousness or awareness there are no thoughts. As an extreme example, imagine a dead body; no consciousness therefore no thinking. Consciousness is the source of all thoughts in the mind.

In order to access powerful thoughts we need to move towards their source—pure consciousness.

As with anything in nature, power lies in the subtle. The key to moving towards pure consciousness is to settle the mind and experience thoughts in their more refined layers. Interestingly if we try to settle the mind we will achieve the exact opposite result. The effort involved will only keep the mind active and busy. Concentrating on not thinking will move us away from the source of thought.

So instead, we do the opposite of trying. We de-excite and orient the mind away from activity and towards the subtle. This is the purpose of meditation. By orienting the mind inwards via a mantra, the mind will automatically move in the direction of more refined and more powerful layers of thinking.

Meditation is the most effective way to move us closer to the source of thought.

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