We live in a world where bombardment of the senses has become the norm.

Running through the park, music blaring through headphones. Walking while writing a text. A barrage of advertisement after advertisement. The relentlessness of email and social media. And so on.

What is the effect of this overload?

Could the senses begin to lose their ability to sense? Could perception be reduced by continual exposure to the grosser layers of life? And if the senses become dull, what is being missed? What is the cost of only being able to detect the loudest and the most obvious?

– the subtle cues of nature that are our guides are not available, so we miss opportunities and end up going down the wrong path
– the body has to scream at us before we take notice, so we don’t see the early warning signs
– we can’t handle the demands of life in a smooth way, so we become anxious and unsettled
– the beauty of the small things in life pass us by, so we miss out on the celestial layers of life

Perhaps instead…
Build in time to counter-balance the ruckus. Take time each day to settle down the mind and body, tune in to the subtle cues of nature and let the senses deliver the beauty of the world to you.

5 responses to “bombardment

  1. YES!!!!!!! The iPhone is such a bombardment enabler. I had to wean myself from podcasts even though I love learning and I’m an information junkie I felt like my brain couldn’t take in any more info and then it does actually dull the senses. It amazes me how many times when I’m on stage I look in the audience to see people who can’t even sit through a concert any more. Music alone isn’t stimulating enough.

    As I celebrate my 8th year as a meditator (Nov. 2007) I’m ever so grateful for having this practice in my life. The change that I have observed is truly astounding and thank you both for the good work you continue to do!

  2. Sensory overload! That is what happens with me…haven’t used the word “bombardment” but I totally understand its use. It is also what occurs with my grandson. We need calm, quiet space to re-energize. Thank you!

  3. Brilliantly written piece! I had to share this on FaceBook. Its so true. Modern life is so often hectic and noisy. Its lovely to be reminded of what we risk missing out on if we don’t build in time to visit the still calm place within. Thank you so much for this x

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