Here are some common questions about Initiator Training in India.

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I’m arranging my flights to India. When should I arrive and depart?

Do I need a Visa to enter India? 

What Indian Address and Contact Person do I put on my Visa application form?

Do I need to take vaccinations for malaria etc?

How much spending money will I need? 

What clothes should I bring?

What footwear should I bring?

What should I wear when swimming in the Ganges?

Do I need to bring bedding and towels?

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

If I want to do some further travel before or after the course, who should I contact?

What is the required reading before IT?

What power adaptors should I bring?

What phone and internet access will be available?

Will I need notebooks and writing utensils?

What will be supplied in my room?

What are the diet restrictions?

What is the visitor policy?

What is the exercise regime?