Direct Experience

Enlightenment is not based on a mood. Enlightenment is not based on a belief.

Enlightenment is based on direct experience.

Step Beyond Thought

To be able to step beyond thinking and arrive at the source of thought is the greatest skill. A reservoir of intelligence, bliss and energy awaits.

Expectation and Misery

When a preference becomes an expectation then rigid attachment has crept in and misery will follow closely.

The Self Revealed

“The Self reveals its essence only to him who applies himself to the Self” – Katha Upanishad

Blueprint of Creation

Intelligence is that which gives direction to change.

Meditation connects you to the underlying creative intelligence that is the blueprint of all creation.

Nature knows best

Nature always knows best how to organize.

Cause of stress

Stress is not caused by the environment, but by our reaction to the environment.

Restful alertness

Meditation is the ultimate relaxation technique: deep physiological rest with an enriched blood supply to the brain. Body resting and mind alert at the same time.

Ready to surrender

Impatience for growth causes you to challenge your assumptions.

What can you surrender?

Begin to Heal

A system that has the ability to de-excite can reverse disorder and begin to heal.