Michael Miller


Michael Miller is a co-founder of London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center.
He’s based in London and teaches Vedic Meditation full time.

Personal Bio


I first tried meditation at university in 1988. I found it fascinating, and continued to explore meditation, yoga, martial arts, and alternative therapies (alongside a career in business) for more than a decade.

In 2003 I was living in Los Angeles and managing the creative department of an entertainment magazine. It was exciting and inspiring work, but I was starting to feel the impact of working and playing hard.

Then a friend learned Vedic Meditation. I saw positive changes in just a few weeks, so I decided to try as well. Immediately I was feeling less stressed, getting more done, and sleeping better. The benefits were so clear, I never went back!

After about a year, I had a conversation with my teacher (world-renowned expert Thom Knoles). He suggested that I become a teacher myself. That led to another two years of study and several extended trips to India. Finally in July of 2007, I undertook a three-month residential training programme and began a full-time teaching career. In early 2008, Jillian and I founded London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center.

Since then I’ve spoken to more than 6,000 people about meditation, stress, creativity, neuroscience and peak performance. I’ve presented to tech companies, non-profits, government institutions and business organizations. And I’ve taught thousands of people to be self-sufficient meditators and get the same benefits that inspired me.

Professional Bio

Michael Miller: Vedic Meditation expert

Michael Miller co-founded London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center. He teaches Vedic Meditation full-time and is recognised as one of the leading experts in his field.

Michael has taught thousands of people to meditate — in group settings, within organisations including Wall Street firms and NGO’s, as well as private clients around the world. He also leads meditation retreats in India, Europe and the States. Michael is a sought-after speaker about stress, creativity and meditation for tech companies, wellness conferences, business organisations and finance and legal firms.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Michael’s personal practice of meditation supported him in a demanding and varied business career. He worked in the entertainment industry as a theatre producer and music promoter for top touring acts. He also ran large conferences in the finance and education fields, and was an executive for a premiere entertainment business publication. Michael’s previous marketing and business experience means that he understands the challenges his clients face in fast-paced environments, and how to balance this with staying well, creative and motivated.

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