Free Introduction to Meditation Talks:

You need to come to an Intro Talk before joining the basic course in meditation. Talks are at different venues around London and we’ll send you the full address when you register.

  • Tuesday 22nd May 7.00pm (South Kensington)
  • Friday 25th May 12.30pm (midday session, Covent Garden)
  • Wednesday 6th June 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Wednesday 13th June 7.00pm (South Kensington)
  • Monday 18th June 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Wednesday 27th June 7.00pm (South Kensington)
  • Wednesday 4th July 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Tuesday 17th July 7.00pm (South Kensington)


Register for a talk




After attending an Intro Talk, you can join a course. Each session is two hours, over four days in a row.

  • 25th May – 28th May (Fri–Mon)
  • 8th June – 11th June (Fri–Mon)
  • 22nd June – 25th June (Fri–Mon)
  • 6th July – 9th July (Fri–Mon)
  • 20th July – 23rd July (Fri–Mon)
  • 3rd August – 6th August (Fri–Mon)
  • 7th September – 10th September (Fri–Mon)
  • 28th September – 1st October (Fri–Mon)



Group Meditations

If you’ve already taken the basic course, come along to these free drop-in sessions.

  • Monday 28th May 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 11th June 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 25th June 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 9th July 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 23rd July 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 6th August 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 10th September 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Monday 15th October 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)



Advanced Techniques Course

If you’ve been meditating for twelve months, come along for an upgrade.

  • 8th June – 9th June (Fri–Sat)
  • 9th November – 10th November (Fri–Sat)

Anyone who has been practising Vedic Meditation regularly for one year is eligible to receive training in Advanced Techniques. These techniques are designed to deepen the meditation experience and refine the senses of perception. This results in more deep, subtle and fascinating experiences inside and outside of meditation. More details



Exploring the Veda

2016–2017 series

    2017–2018 series

    • 5th July – 8th July (Veda Part 3)
    • 27th September – 30th September (Veda Part 4)

    Exploring the Veda is a unique six-weekend course. You get both theoretical understanding of the Veda and also practical application in daily life. This knowledge allows you to attune your awareness to the ongoing and ever-changing laws of nature. Then you experience more frictionlessness and cognise the right response to the personal and collective need of the time. More details



    Weekend Rounding Retreat

    These weekend retreats are always very popular. They are a fantastic way to develop your meditation practice to bring about a step-change in awareness. This intensive programme is complimented by in-depth knowledge meetings and delicious Ayurvedic food. A long weekend like this will allow for a level of rest and purification equivalent to many months of normal ‘at home’ meditation. Space is limited so if you know these dates work for you then please book straight away. More details