We get what it takes to fit meditation into modern life and we’re expert at teaching you well. Changes happen quickly and we support you going forward.

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In this hour-long session we’ll talk about:

  • Who we are and why we teach
  • Why Vedic Meditation will work for you
  • How it’s different from other styles like mindfulness
  • What the science and research say about meditation

We promise you won’t be bored!

Upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday 25th July 7.00pm (South Kensington)
  • Wednesday 2nd August 7.00pm (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Tuesday 5th September 7.00pm (South Kensington)
  • Wednesday 13th September Notting Hill Gate (Notting Hill Gate)
  • Wednesday 20th September 7.00pm (South Kensington)

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“I really enjoyed the talk. I was a little worried it might have been all ‘lentils-and-chanting,’ but it was great.”