Meditation for Modern Life

Are you interested in meditation but worried you won’t be able to do it? Have you tried to meditate but couldn’t stop thinking? Did you download an app and then never use it?

Do you just want to feel better?
You’re in the right place.

About Us

We’re Jillian Lavender and Michael Miller, founders of London Meditation Centre. We can teach you Vedic Meditation in a way that fits with your busy life.

We’re experienced (we’ve been meditating for decades and have taught thousands of people). Our approach is practical (you’re not going to get lots of ooby-gooby). We live normal lives (we’re parents and we’ve worked real jobs.)

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How to Learn

Step 1

Come along to a Free
Introductory Talk

 An hour-long session.
What we teach. Why it works.
(You won’t be bored.)

Step 2

join a basic
meditation course

Four sessions over four days.
You’re meditating the very first day.
Changes happen straight away.

Corporate Programmes

We offer seminars on stress, creativity and wellness.
We also teach meditation courses for teams and private courses for executives.


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More productive and less anxious

“Overall, I am more productive in both my home and work life. I feel more in control rather than constantly worried.”

—Peter, President of Global Sales

Stress levels down

“I feel noticeably calmer and have more focus. I’ve told all my friends about meditation and will continue to do so.”

—Tina, Project Manager

Authentic and expert teachers

Jillian and Michael both have a warm, genuine humility and an unwavering authenticity, combined with their expertise and mastery of this beautiful practice.

—Lee, Headteacher

Immediate results

“Meditation worked immediately for me, after the 4-day course I felt already less anxious.”

—Pauline, Finance Assistant

No more insomnia

“My insomnia is cured: I sleep well and I feel calmer and happier than before.”

—James, Novelist and Academic

Meditation changed my life

“I have no doubt I would be on anti-depressants and spending a fortune on therapy had I not discovered this technique.”

—Joanna, Advertising

Great teachers

“I thought Jillian and Michael were both brilliant. Approachable, welcoming, passionate and down-to-earth.”

—Katia, Former CEO and mother of two

Ongoing support

“The group sessions are a fantastic way to keep inspired and to meet others who have discovered the wonders of daily meditation.”

—Martin, Company Director

Better than an app

“This has been so much more interesting than listening to Headspace or similar audio apps. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough!”

—Eugene, Student

For Meditators

Once you’ve learned Vedic Meditation you get free ongoing support. And there are lots of ways to stay plugged in and learn more advanced knowledge.

Instagram post 2112346004685791838_2030365071 #Throwback to this time last year, when Michael took to the stage at @themadfeed symposium in Copenhagen. MAD is a non-profit transforming the food system by giving chefs and restaurateurs the skills, community, time, and space to create sustainable change in their restaurants and communities across the world. 🍽
If you've never seen Michael's 20-minute talk, 'Finding Peace in the Kitchen and the Mind', it's a fascinating watch... the link is in our bio.

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Instagram post 2110656818301455474_2030365071 Present moment awareness is the gift of a stress-free nervous system. Stress dissolves every time we sit down to meditate. As a result, meditators often experience less mental “noise” and a renewed appreciation for the here and now.

Last week, a new student reported: “I’m more engaged with the world around me -  simply more present. I’m more able to relax when spending time with friends and family, giving them my full attention.”
#vedicmeditation #meditation #learntomeditate #meditationpractice #meditationspace #meditationbenefits #mindfulness #awareness #liveinthemoment
Instagram post 2108573460117545478_2030365071 Feel like your meditation practice has slipped over the Summer?

Come and get back on track with tonight’s group meditation and knowledge talk at our usual spot in Notting Hill Gate, 7-8.15pm, in-person or online.

All students of Vedic Meditation welcome. We hope to see you later (check your emails for details!)
Instagram post 2106886447261799104_2030365071 According to Ayurveda, raw honey is one of the most healing substances we can consume. 🍯

Honey’s health benefits include:
-  stimulates digestion
-  purifies toxins
-  anti-inflammatory powers help with coughs and colds
-  heals the skin via topical application to wounds and ulcers
-  helps with weight loss (when taken in small amounts). 🍯

In Ayurveda, it’s recommended to start the day with a sweet taste. A little honey paired with fresh, seasonal fruit 🍓can make a perfect light summer breakfast.

#VedicWellness #honey  #rawhoney  #Ayurveda #sattvicfood #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedafood #Jillianstoptips
Instagram post 2105529486410699226_2030365071 Jillian talking all things #vedicmeditation on film today for @be_well_collective with founder @sarahannmacklin ~ stay tuned for more coming very soon! #bewellcollective

#bwc #mentalheath #fashionindustry #meditation #meditationteacher #wellbeing #health #calm #wellness
Instagram post 2103780089599480438_2030365071 “The thoughts I’m having are changing, I feel they are much more positive and not stressful anymore. In general my outlook, which was pretty negative and depressed before, is markedly shifting. I have more energy to ‘get on with it’ and don’t spend so much time worrying… it doesn’t feel so hopeless and difficult anymore to get my priorities straight and move forward.”
Do you feel like something needs to shift in your mindset? Come and learn to meditate with us. We are hosting TWO free into talks this week (Tuesday, 7pm and Wednesday, 12.30pm) where you can hear all about the transformative benefits of Vedic Meditation. Link in bio for details.

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Instagram post 2103241119648165529_2030365071 Lots of you have been taking advantage of the warm weather and meditating outside.

Here’s a beautiful picture sent in by a student in Devon: “I was walking through the forest earlier and stopped to do my afternoon meditation surrounded my nature and birdsong. If only I could do this all year round!” 🌿🌿🌿
Where have you been meditating this week? We’d love to see... #MeMeditating
Instagram post 2101203235529158258_2030365071 “If you are meditating regularly, you are different. And very person you interact with gains from that. You are impacting those around you, you are lifting people up”.
We’ve loved hearing all your feedback on our recent podcast appearances. These podcasts are a great way to learn more about us, the practice and its application in daily life. Plus, they‘re the perfect, gentle introduction to Vedic Meditation for any curious friends...
🎙p.s. If you’ve yet to listen to Michael on #TalkingTastebuds with the wonderful @venetiafalconer, the link is in our bio👆

#vedicmeditation #meditation #podcast #learnteditate #meditationbenefits #venetiafalconer
Instagram post 2098323291195155880_2030365071 So you’ve done your morning meditation at home, and you have a busy day ahead. How can you make sure you don’t let that afternoon meditation slip?

Just plan it. Think about when and where you’re going to meditate that afternoon, and it will happen. Here’s Michael taking advantage of the London weather, and fitting in his afternoon meditation on a park bench between appointments. #MeMeditating

#vedicmeditation #meditate #meditation #meditatedaily #meditate #summer #london #learntomeditate #meditationteacher
Instagram post 2095979766633971327_2030365071 Here's some feedback from someone we taught to meditate last month: "I found it extremely straightforward and something that immediately resonated with me after trying various forms of meditation over the years. I have no doubt I will continue with this practice, as I am certain it will positively impact all aspects of my life on so many levels...simple yet profound." If meditation sounds like something you'd like to try, come along to our free into talk next Wednesday (31st). We'll explain what Vedic Meditation is, why it works, and how to integrate it seamlessly into your life. For details and to sign up, click the link in our bio.

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Instagram post 2095452795436855894_2030365071 Thinking back to our morning swims in India earlier this year... we could certainly do with a dip in the Ganges today!

If you’re struggling with the heatwave here in the UK, head over to our blog where Jillian shares her top tips for keeping cool - link in bio ☀️ 💦

#ayurvedic #summer #heatwave #keepingcool #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurveda #ganga #ganges #lifestyle
Instagram post 2093440739865290815_2030365071 This Autumn, why not join us for our weekend meditation retreat in New York? 🍂

In October we'll be heading to this beautiful spot on the banks of the Hudson River for a transformative weekend of deep rest and purification - the equivalent of several months of regular meditation. There will be fascinating talks, delicious food and the chance to forge connections with fellow meditators across the pond.  Spaces are filling fast - click the link in our bio for more info.

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