Positive impact on my health

Jillian and Michael are inspirational teachers, profoundly knowledgeable and kind.

Learning to meditate with Michael has changed my life, not only having a positive impact on my health, but in small ways altering my awareness and approach so that I find myself guided in the right direction without having to try. I think meditation has made me able to explore my own potential, to follow my own path and to be more conscious of others as I do so.

Johanna, Violinist and Writer

Meditation transformed my life

Just a few hours spent learning to meditate over a long weekend, has proven to be some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent. Meditation has transformed my life; my relationships, the way I live, how I see things. It’s provided me with the inner strength to embrace the most challenging situations and to emerge as a stronger, better person.

It’s not magic (although the effects can seem magical early on), but an ancient discipline that helps you to de-stress, prioritise, and focus, (aside from the abundant evidence for the medical benefits of meditation and increasing media coverage of it.)

Why do it? Go to one of Michael and Jillian’s introductory talks like I did and you’ll be hooked. Both are inspirational and experienced teachers and shining exponents of the benefits, added to which they can answer the many questions which inevitably arise. Support is also on-going in the form of Monday night group meditations, which is a useful forum for information exchange.

I’ve meditated twice a day for 20 minutes each time, since I was taught; for me it’s as indispensable a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth and I can’t imagine not doing it. It makes me feel generally vibrant, positive, connected and peaceful.

Carys, Retired

Feel like a different person

I was skeptical about meditation when I first heard about it – I had always imagined it as a practice reserved for people more ‘spiritual’ than me, but Jillian and Michael immediately put my fears to rest and explained it as a very practical and effortless thing to do every day, which anyone could easily learn to improve both their emotional and physical well being, with immediate effect. I found both Jillian and Michael extremely thorough in their teaching and felt I could rely on them if I needed to ask questions in between seeing them for classes/courses.

I felt the effects quicker than I even could have hoped, and found myself on a much more even keel after only a few days of meditation. For the first time in my life I felt like I’d been given a tool which I could use without help from anyone, and which day-by-day made me feel increasingly less neurotic, less frenetic and altogether much more able to deal with the demands of life. After two and a half years of meditation (and having never before stuck to anything – yoga etc etc), I genuinely can say I feel like a different person to my pre-meditation self, and though the every day benefits are now more subtle, I feel so much calmer in general, and I only have to miss a couple of meditations to remember what life was like before. I won’t be going back there! And have also found the additional courses, like the rounding retreat, a great help in deepening my knowledge and understanding of the practice.

Scarlett, Gallery Manager

Less stress, more energy and happiness

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn Vedic Meditation. I have been doing it regularly since I started the course earlier in the year, and I can truly say it has changed my life!

No tiredness or stress symptoms anymore; less fatigue from working; more energy generally (to get up at 5.30 am every day); more patience (I have tested this now staying with my parents for 2 weeks) and generally more content and happy.

Simone, Business Manager

Clear, centered and sharper intuition

I have a beloved great-uncle who is 96 and he’s been meditating twice a day for over 60 years. I have always admired his dedication, and whilst he’s not naturally a zen person, it helps to keep him balanced. I tried meditation a number of times, but never stuck to the practice. When a friend of mind started meditating, she was so different in herself that I became curious. I went to a talk and instantly liked the ease with which Jillian explained Vedic Meditation- no fluff but lots of practicality. For me, the course shifted a lot of emotions that felt bumpy for a few days but left me feeling lighter. I have definitely found the practice helpful to clear my head and raise my energy levels, and deal with life events over the last few years. As an osteopath I am working hands on with clients, and I think meditation helps me to keep clear and centered and sharpens my intuition. It’s also been a helpful practice on long-haul flights. In the future I would like to take the exploration deeper into the vedas- especially as my surname means ‘three vedas.’

Avni, Osteopath and Doula

No more insomnia

London Meditation Centre was recommended to me by a friendly yoga teacher. For many years I had suffered periods of acute insomnia and related stress and had gone through several periods of feeling as if I was losing my tether. I had always been interested in meditation but sceptical about whether westerners, far removed from Buddhist or Hindu traditions, could really ‘meditate.’ My insomnia had got so bad that I decided I was willing to try anything.

I was impressed by Michael’s introductory talk—which was full of common sense and free from pseudo-spirituality—and decided to give it a go. Meditation turns out to be incredibly easy, almost effortlessly so and the benefits were immediate: straight away I felt waves of calm washing over and the stress draining away.

Now I’ve been meditating twice a day for four years now and my insomnia is cured: I sleep well. I feel calmer and happier than before and find that when life does get difficult meditation helps iron out the ups and downs and keeps me steady. In many ways my appreciation of life has deepened and I’ve been able to make several decisions and commitments that I was previously too frightened to contemplate.

I genuinely believe learning to meditate was the best thing I ever did and it has opened my mind to a whole new understanding of the world and my consciousness.

James, Novelist and Academic

More productive and less anxious

I approached the London Meditation Centre because I was becoming increasingly anxious and angry at events and situations in my life. I couldn’t work out why I was constantly feeling this way, as on the surface everything was fine.

From the first moment I met Jillian and Michael, I felt reassured and they helped me better understand my situation. Even when taking part in the course I immediately felt calmer and more positive in outlook.

As a fully paid up member of the ‘cynics club’ I have to admit that I didn’t know what to expect but loved the fact that the course was inspirational, fun and crucially for me, practical, showing exactly how meditation can become an essential part of people’s busy and demanding lives.

Overall, I am more productive in both my home and work life. I feel more (though not totally) in control rather than constantly worried. I would recommend the London Meditation Centre to anyone feeling like I did.

Peter, President of Global Sales

Authentic and expert teachers

One of the (many) things I liked most about the initial course (and indeed the Introductory Talk), was how eruditely Jillian and Michael spoke about both the mechanics and long-term benefits of meditation. Their deep and forensic knowledge and understanding of this wonderful gift are enshrined not just in spiritual mandate, but also in empirical cognitive and scientific evidence. As a Headteacher, this appealed to me immensely!

Jillian and Michael both have a warm, genuine humility and an unwavering authenticity that underpin them both as people and as teachers. Combined with their expertise and mastery of this beautiful practice, these make for a highly desirable set of qualities. Having now undertaken my first advanced course (I am itching to do my second!), Jillian and Michael continue to provide me with spiritual nourishment and model spiritual integrity to me in their practice. I find the latter particularly inspiring.

Lee, Headteacher

No mumbo jumbo

I am a natural sceptic, and it was a great help to get me over the threshold that Jillian comes across as so normal. She couldn’t be further from a mumbo-jumbo hippy. Since learning to meditate, I have done so every day for eight years or so. It keeps me (broadly) sane.

Benedict, Lawyer

No more smoking

I have gotten so many benefits from having taken your course a couple years ago. I feel more connected to my life and able to be more effective in my work and personal relationships.

Jillian was my teacher and she had a nice way of leading you through the process of meditation and making me feel welcome. I had practiced meditation before and had seen the results via my friends so I was ready for the course. But I wasn’t aware of all the health benefits and wasn’t aware of how many ways it would affect my everyday life; such as with helping me stop smoking (I know it sounds weird), helping me change jobs to be a designer that I am now, and to help me find a steadier place for me to have a relationship, which I have now.

It just gets better the longer I practice. Thanks guys for making a huge difference in my life.

Larry Tee, Clothing Designer and DJ/Songwriter