An important part of my day

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have made meditation an important part of my day. My wife and I did it together and have found meditation to be wildly helpful in dealing with the craziness of work and family pressures. Michael and Jillian’s style mean that anyone can take what they need from this course – no matter where they are or what they’re doing in their lives. I just wish I did it 20 years ago.

Chris, Hedge Fund Partner

Constant support

I was very excited to be able to find support for my meditation technique in London. But, I never imagined how much support I would find. I am very grateful to you for welcoming me with such warmth and kindness, and for answering all my questions during my first year as a meditator.

Since I met you, I could not stop insisting to my husband to learn Vedic Meditation with you, until he finally did. And every day since he learned with Jillian, I am amazed by the wonders meditation has done to him, on so many levels. Hence, I am grateful to you for teaching him a technique that he loves to practice every day, and that we can share as a family.

We both love coming to your Monday meditations, and they are something we always look forward to experience. Besides being able to feel your support and the energy of the entire group meditating at once, there is always something new for us to learn from your discussions.

Thank you both so much for having the group nights to meditate, the pregnancy workshop which was incredibly instructive to me, your unconditional support, and the diverse methods that you provide to enhance and advance our experience as meditators.


Life is more enjoyable and effortless

I loved how personal and intimate the course was. I felt completely at ease and not at all overwhelmed with all the new information I was taking in. Jillian made me feel like it was second nature to me; I felt so much trust in the room.

Jillian and Michael have such a vast amount of knowledge, and yet manage to integrate it into such simple descriptions which I feel I can attain. They don’t take themselves too seriously. In fact, I find myself laughing more when I am around them! Everything feels completely as it should be with them, and they manage to take such old knowledge and keep it current, relating it all to the world we live in now.

I was worried I would not be able to do the course for many reasons, but Jillian addressed these issues with me, and allowed me come to my own decision without pressure. The more I did it, the more my life turned around for the better – my life is so much more enjoyable and effortless.

I saw everything and everyone in such a different way. Life was so much easier, lighter and happier. I attracted new energies into my life.

I love the Monday night groups; it’s great to be reminded of why we do the practice, its benefits, to hear people’s questions, to be around like-minded people and to meditate with such a large amount of people.

I love the retreat! The food was amazing, the venue and the surroundings were incredible and it was a huge shift for me emotionally – I want to do more!

Yvette, Mum and actress

Meditation changed my life

What I loved about the course was how simple it was. I was feeling very overwhelmed by life and making another decision or learning something new felt just too much but the technique is so simple. It was lovely to find something in life that didn’t feel like a battle and was actually an easy, fun and very enjoyable experience.

Jillian and Michael were so reassuring and calm. There’s no question that they don’t have a great answer for and they find humour in nearly everything. You occasionally meet people who you just want to be like or be around, and Jillian and Michael are definitely those people.
I remember sitting in the intro talk with Michael and just having a huge sigh of relief – this was what I was looking for and hadn’t even known it. Before meditating I used to have massive arguments in my head prior to almost every event that always ended up in the worst situation possible and my emotions would ride the rollercoaster with my thoughts. I remember walking home after the first evening of the course and my only thought was ‘my mind is quiet, oh thank you!’

As I continued my meditation practice my emotions became much calmer and as a result I’m much happier, so my relationships have dramatically improved. I also noticed very quickly an increase in brain capacity – being able to manage more tasks, recall information much quicker and a thirst to learn more about everything. I also lost weight quite quickly – stress really does make you fat!

To some people the concept of meditation is a bit weird, so it’s really reassuring to see how many ‘normal’ people there are out there doing what you do and that we nearly all have the same issues or concerns. It’s also great to hear how many people are having similar benefits to me. Meditating in a group is also a lovely experience, as is being around Michael and Jillian who always make time for a quick chat afterwards if you need them.

I really enjoyed the weekend retreat that I attended. I felt invincible for weeks afterwards. I’ve also completed several courses with the group – on nutrition, the Power of Speech and the Veda’s, the body of knowledge this technique comes from. The courses are always well run, packed full of information and the discussions with the group during the courses are some of the most fascinating, thought provoking and enlightening I’ve had.

Meditation has changed my life. I have no doubt I would be on anti-depressants and spending a fortune on therapy had I not discovered this technique. As a result I’ve discovered new passions, a new career path, made some amazing new friends, and have some of the answers I was always seeking but never knew where to look for them. I can’t recommend this technique or London Meditation Centre highly enough.

Joanna, Advertising

Find inner bliss

I’ve tried to meditate for many years and found it a struggle to ‘clear my mind of thoughts,’ until I learnt with the Vedic Meditation technique, which works with thoughts. Jillian and Michael explained and re-explained that thoughts didn’t mean I was doing something ‘wrong’ and as such I started getting bliss on the first weekend. For the first time in my life I feel able to meditate regularly. I’ve not missed a personal meditation for nearly 2 years now and I feel in tune with the ebb and flow of the world around me. I’d happily recommend London Meditation Centre to anyone and the group meditations are great for ‘connecting back in with the mother-ship’.

Rahul, Hotelier

Becoming more aware

London Meditation Centre has given me the tools I need to meditate which has gradually empowered me to lead a more truthful life—becoming more aware, and sensitive to the things that really matter. From early on I started to get rid of unnecessary and even harmful clutter in my life and to focus on things of greater value. I look forward to, and go to as many of the group sessions as I can and in fact have only missed one. These sessions are so helpful and charge up the meditation experience. It really feels like there is a solid support network to encourage and inspire at any time. The best meditation experience is doing it together, in a big group. The best encouragement is learning through shared experience. And at these groups where anybody can raise a question, Jillian or Michael share their wisdom and knowledge in an open, generous, friendly, enthusiastic way. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to gain from the sessions so regularly.

Meditation seems to be organic and develop in ways that are parallel to personal situations. I find that every so often I need to be reined in from my own personal journey with it, by being reminded of the simple, clear technique and the reasons why it is so beneficial to humanity as a whole, and to me as an individual. It’s hard to sustain any long-term doubts because Jillian and Michael are living proof of the benefits of meditation.

Joanna, Print Designer

Better than an app

While it’s always difficult to pay upfront for something that may or may not be helpful in the end, the decision to sign up for Jillian and Michael’s class was 110% worth it and my skepticism vanished after the first day.

I felt an immediate improvement in my stress levels and the advanced classes opened up many new areas for me to explore including the Veda, Ayurveda and much more. This has been so much more interesting than listening to Headspace or similar audio apps – which is what I was doing before learning Vedic Meditation. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough!

Eugene, Student 

Helped me become a better mum

My partner and I did a private course with Jillian. The course delivered on all counts and removed any doubts we had before starting. We felt the benefits immediately—more calm, less stressed and a better overview of our lives. It took dedication to incorporate meditation into our busy lifestyles but Jillian was wonderful at helping us adjust. On a personal note, meditation has helped me become a happier and more balanced individual and therefore a better mum and person.

Both Jillian and Michael are amazing teachers and their support to date has been incredible. The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I thank Jillian and Michael for teaching me the technique.

Ran, Head of Production and Mum

Improved judgement and decision making

When I first learnt to meditate in 2008, I was very sceptical about meditation. However, I decided to go ahead with the technique as Michael put me at ease.

I am still meditating regularly twice each day. What I love most about meditating is that it is effortless; I can let go and let nature do its thing. In my day-to-day life, I have many responsibilities and a lot of people reliant on me. It is comforting for me that no matter how busy or demanding life gets, I can just close my eyes and let go.

The more I meditate, the more I am able to tap into nature’s intelligence and tune into the subtle cues of nature. One of the benefits of this is that my judgment and decision-making has significantly improved.

Michael, Finance

It will change you for the better

I was not sure what to expect from the meditation course but the results so exceeded my expectations that even within a few days of taking the course all my friends said I had changed for the better and was much calmer!

I cannot begin to thank you both enough for introducing me to meditation.

I have noticed that I appreciate time more and it has made a huge difference to my way of thinking.

Anyone who is vaguely interested should try meditation—it will without doubt change you for the better. I was sceptical but it works.

Louise, Gemologist